The Manic Magpie: Shopping

You’ve probably been in this situation before.

You go shopping and find something you like but can’t decide whether the price point is right, the fit is good, or the color matches anything in your wardrobe. It’s not on sale, shucks, and something is not quite right about it; it’s not exactly what you want. After a few minutes of dithering (during which the sales lady’s clearly trying her darnedest to be patient and courteous), you leave it and figure, if you come back to the shop the week after and that something is still there, unsold, hell, it must just be waiting for you to scoop it up.

Most often than not, though, if that something is in fact still on the rack and you get a second look at it, you realize that it’s not as fabulous as you imagined it was that entire week of waiting to go back to the shop to take that second look. So you leave it again, thanking your stars you didn’t buy it the first time, but soon get it in your head that you need something like it. There must be something out there that’s kind of like it but exactly what you want. But nothing is ever exactly what you want, of course.

You do give up, eventually. But only when, while hopelessly shopping for that exactly-what-you-want version of that something you passed up on, you stumble upon a completely different thing (like a charming piece of furniture) in another shop to obsess about for another week.

Okay, so maybe you’ve never been in that situation before. And I’m just messed up.

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