The Manic Magpie: Corona’s Chair

While on the subject of chairs, Chief Justice Corona’s must be a most extraordinarily comfortable one; he refuses to leave it! So I set about trying to figure out which chair could be responsible for the constitutional mess we now find ourselves in.  Below is the suspect line-up:

Chairs from Space Encounters

Any of these chairs from Space Encounters (see; Did I mention I looooove this shop?) could be the culprit. I have a strong feeling it’s the green chair – even Hubby was so smitten; it now occupies an exalted spot in our bedroom.  But the red Papa Bear chair looks suspicious … Hmmmm….

4 responses

  1. It appears he has moved from his chair to a bed he made (or did someone else make his bed for him?). In true royal fashion, it has 100 mattresses. The problem is there’s a gavel under the bottom one!

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