The Manic Magpie: The Search for the Perfect Task Chair

So I’ve been struggling to find THE perfect desk chair for my tv/home office space in my house.

My loft and the desk that's in dire need of a chair!

The desk shares center stage (literally) with this RL leather sofa with Union Jack throw pillows (from Anza Home Store in Podium). The space would be a man-cave if it wasn't so bright and airy..

After months of searching (yes, months), I’ve learned that there may truly be no such thing as a pretty ergonomic task chair. Is there a design rule somewhere that says “ergonomic” can’t be anything but fugly?!  I refuse to conform. Or settle. So on a trip to LRI Design Plaza in Makati last week, I decided to open my mind to other possibilities.

Heima Store in LRI Design Plaza in Makati ( was inspiring.

The Patchwork Nicola Wing Chair

The Patchwork Nicola Wing Chair (above) captured my imagination. How utterly unexpected would it be to introduce a chair like this to an otherwise markedly masculine room?

Chairs from Heima

Any of the beauties above would add the touch of whimsy I’m going for: (clockwise from top left): the Holly Day Wing Chair and its Patchwork version (charming!), the Aunt Georgia Chair and her mate, the Uncle George, and the T-Shaped Tufted Dining Chair (the word is “repurpose”!), which had the most fabulous black-and-white printed fabric on its back and quirky pink legs – genius!

I’m in love with idea, but I have yet to warm up to the bulk (of most) and the price tags on these babies. So while at Ortigas Home Depot today to pick up a couple of light bulbs, I dared enter Victoria Mondiale, which is not shop I would normally visit. But the word is “whimsy” this week, so I thought, why not? I might get lucky. Here’s what I found:

The "Mad Hatter" Chair

A zany Mad Hatter chair that’s crossed the line between kitsch and quirky. And it’s on sale!  Hmmm, it might do.

What do you think?


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