One God?

It seems to make sense to me that there could quite possibly be more gods than The One God. But I’m Catholic; so I’d have to say there could quite possibly be other aspects of The One God (and I don’t mean the Son and the Holy Spirit) that we’ve never acknowledged. It also makes sense to me that these gods could quite possibly not be benevolent the way The One God is. I think of these personas as The One God breaking away from the stereotype we’ve all boxed Him into, or The One God having a bit of fun at our expense every now and then (How boring must it be, after all, being good all the time?). Here then is a short list of those puckish gods:

The Weather-You-Like-It-or-Not God – Always messing up your weekend plans or those outdoor parties you so like hosting. He’s especially motivated when you don’t have a Plan B.

Stub your toe, scrape your knee, or sprain your ankle, recently? That’s the Accidents-Don’t-Just-Happen God.

The Any-Hour-Rush-Hour God – the one who always manages to cause some pileup or mishap on the road on that one day you absolutely have to be someplace early – like to make that 8 am career-defining presentation you spent the whole week working on. Oh he gets a real kick too when you really, really have to go.

The Tip-of-the-Tongue God who not only makes you forget the word, he also torments you by surreptitiously planting the first letter of the forgotten word in your head. Naughty.

But if The One God could ever really have a mischievous alter ego, it would have to be The Surprise God, whose jurisdiction and authority cannot be circumscribed. Anything that can go wrong and that does go wrong – that’s him. And you can bet each time he’s jumping up and down and squealing, “Surprise! Surprise!”

Art by my 8-year old (Copyright reserved and protected)


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