Next time, I’ll spell it

Scene: At a popular coffee shop. I’ve just ordered an ice-blended beverage.

Barrista: “Your name for the cup?”

Me: “Ina.”


“No, Ina.”





“Of course. Sorry. Is that with an “I” or a “Y”?”

“An “I”.”

My cup:

Isn't "Dyna" pronounced with a long "i"?


4 responses

  1. Ha! There is a major thoroughfare in my town(Tucson) called “Ina Road.” EVERYONE(1 million people) pronounces it “eye-na” road. It was named after a lady, Ina(pronounced “Eeena”) Giddings. You must get that a lot.

  2. LOL. In fact, I do have a friend named Dina who rhymes with Gina and Tina. When I looked at the cup, I thought it said Pina. How goofy.

    I get called Martha all the time on the phone. I must have an accent or something and don’t sound like a person who would be called by (my real name) Melissa.

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