Music and me

Being myself tone deaf and hopelessly out of tune, I have not developed a great love for music nor become an avid fan of popular songs. I have a few favorite songs, carry-overs from my youth. My MP4 is loaded with the songs of Nat “King” Cole, Frank Sinatra an Brenda Lee, which are now, it seems, classified as “classics”. (In my day, the classics were Beethoven and Chopin!)

Then, Whitney Houston died and the world mourned. I became curious. I wanted to know what I had lost with her dying. So, for the first time in my long life I bought a VCD, that of her greatest hits, and honored the expense by playing and giving it my full attention.

I was amazed. It was both an aural and visual delight, a complex and complete performance which takes prodigious talent! No wonder, Mariah Carey (I have also bought her VCD) speaks of how she has “come to myself as an artist “.

I  have upgraded and updated my appreciation of music. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. I mind  too much unnecessary “oh, yeah, yeah , yeah…”



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