Of worms and poop

It’s called vermiculture, my environmentalist friends tell me.  You take some worms and put them in a small plot of earth with some dead leaves.  The worms eat the leaves, then climb to the top to poop.  Then they burrow under the earth where they reproduce quite quickly.  After a while, you can take the poop (called vermicast) and sell it.  You can also take the worms, of which you would have quite a lot more of than when you started, and sell those too.  After another short while, you can take some now-rich soil and plant vegetables in it.  Then you can sell the organic vegetables too.

That’s three ways to earn.  They tell me the demand is much greater than the current supply, and they will gladly take my produce and sell them for me.  There is also apparently an export market for them.

So what do you think?  Should I make my fortune on worms and poop?