We’re in Business, Baby!

Not too busy to blog…

Been busy with work. (Not an excuse for not writing.) More specifically, with establishing my “practice”. I have a new (virtual) office  (Hoot! Hoot!) and a new email address with a domain exclusive to moi!  So I’m in business, y’all! Thing is, though, with these new fixed costs, this “business” (I should say “noble practice”) could be at risk of being unviable. The only surefire way to keep afloat is to get more clients! Which will make me busy busy busy. Using up a substantial amount of my me-time to service other people doesn’t excite me much, but, hey, I figure re-gaining my financial independence (principally from Hubby who has been mighty kind and generous throughout my “hibernation” period) should make up for any downside. And I’m finding that working again is actually quite stimulating. And with the added perks of being able to work from home, and being able to choose what work to take on, has made this venture thus far quite enjoyable.

3 clients to date. I’m the man! Or the girl. Or the it. I’m the It-girl. Whatever. I’m back. Can’t wait to get paid so I can go shopping!


Random (Caffeine-Induced) Thoughts …

Silly. Me. (Art by my 8-year old)

Things that popped into my head today as I was “people watching” while enjoying my coffee, at the mall:

1. I must not judge the old lady who’s shrieking at the barrista for allegedly messing up her order. She clearly forgot to put on her teeth this morning and is venting.

2. I must stop trying to understand the point of reality shows like “Jersey Shore”. Seriously, I could go crazy. (How did this pop into my head?, you might ask. I spotted a girl who looked like Snooki.)

3. Middle-aged women should resist the temptation to walk into a Forever21 shop without a teenager in tow. “Forever 21” is a lie; it’s called marketing. Sucker.

4. A “muffin top”* ain’t sexy, lady. (Spotted Snooki again.)

5. There should be a sign beside every mall escalator that says: “Management will not be responsible for any injuries sustained while riding down the escalators wearing dark sunglasses.” Fluorescent lighting, hello?

6. Aw. HHWW.** And he’s carrying her shopping bags for her … Been together 2 months. Tops.

7. Women who are over 40 and who have dimples shouldn’t wear mini-skirts. Old, be-dimpled knees and mini-skirts just don’t go together. (Wait, was that Snooki again?!)***


* According to Wikipedia [the authority on all things significant in our lives, yes], a “Muffin-top” is “a generally pejorative slang term used to describe the phenomenon of overhanging fat when it spills over the waistline of pants or skirts of overweight people in a manner that resembles the top of a muffin spilling over its paper casing.”

** “Holding Hands While Walking”


***Post script…

Who is Snooki, you ask? And what is “Jersey Shore”? Seriously?

The Snooki doll. Or is it "action" figure? Yikes. Scary. (Photo and story from http://news.softpedia.com/newsImage/Snooki-Gets-Raise-Makes-100K-per-Episode-of-Jersey-Shore-Season-4-2.jpg/)

Snooki on the phone. All the time. Would someone please explain the goose phone to me? (Photo and story from http://chanceplus1.com/jersey-shores-most-memorable-quotes/)

Snooki gets arrested for disorderly conduct. (See photo and story on http://www.onpublicspeaking.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Snooki-Jersey-Shore-194×300.jpg)

Snooki's wardrobe malfunction. (Photo from http://www.hotcelebsvids.com. See the story of Snooki's wardrobe malfunction at http://www.hotcelebsvids.com/2010/08/jersey-shore-snooki-vs-very-short-skirt.html)

And that about sums up “Jersey Shore” and Snooki.

The Forgetful Magpie: Practical Shopping

I have always been a practical shopper, I used to go out shopping only when I needed to buy something. I considered availability , price and usefulness. If the item will be difficult to find elsewhere, the price is not beyond my means and I can certainly use it, then I would buy it. In our senior years, my husband and I have tended to go to the mall more often but mostly to dine out, window shop and take a stroll. Since my needs have become so much less and the considerations for shopping still apply, I hardly buy anything. I love the freedom from inconsequential desires and life gone very simple. Though I still love to look out for things I can get for the people I love. Within my more limited means, of course.

The Manic Magpie: Shopping

You’ve probably been in this situation before.

You go shopping and find something you like but can’t decide whether the price point is right, the fit is good, or the color matches anything in your wardrobe. It’s not on sale, shucks, and something is not quite right about it; it’s not exactly what you want. After a few minutes of dithering (during which the sales lady’s clearly trying her darnedest to be patient and courteous), you leave it and figure, if you come back to the shop the week after and that something is still there, unsold, hell, it must just be waiting for you to scoop it up.

Most often than not, though, if that something is in fact still on the rack and you get a second look at it, you realize that it’s not as fabulous as you imagined it was that entire week of waiting to go back to the shop to take that second look. So you leave it again, thanking your stars you didn’t buy it the first time, but soon get it in your head that you need something like it. There must be something out there that’s kind of like it but exactly what you want. But nothing is ever exactly what you want, of course.

You do give up, eventually. But only when, while hopelessly shopping for that exactly-what-you-want version of that something you passed up on, you stumble upon a completely different thing (like a charming piece of furniture) in another shop to obsess about for another week.

Okay, so maybe you’ve never been in that situation before. And I’m just messed up.